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Three Steps To Define Your Brand Strategy

Before placing an order, based on your needs and marketing objectives, decide which marketing package you require and whether the package’s contents will be helpful for you.

Our professionals PR team will set up a time and date for an online consultation by email. Our PR team will primarily be aware of your marketing goals, marketing budget, brand label and contract duration, in order to customise or recommend a marketing strategies for your brand.

As long as the marketing strategy we create for your brand is appropriate, time will tell you a success story. Sooner or later, the twofold conversion rate and account followers will follow. Our PR team will keep you updated on the latest status of the current market and will divulge the newest techniques for brand management!

Digital Marketing

Through the digital marketing channels such as websites, landing pages, social media, email, and mobile applications, as well as paid advertising, word of mouth, and its various strategies to promote the content of digital channels, such as SEO, SEM, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), email and text.

Brand Marketing

In the process of establishing and developing the relationship between a brand and consumers, brand marketing not only highlights the characteristics of the brand beyond the label but also promotes the whole brand and uses commodities and services as social proof to support the brand promise. The goal of brand marketing is to build the value of the brand and, therefore, the company value.

International Marketing

International marketing is a type of transnational social and management process whereby an organisation uses planning, pricing, promotion, and direction to develop products and value and conducts exchanges in the international market in order to satisfy the demands of the multinational customer and gain profit. Let our partners advertise their products to more than one national consumer or user through the fastest exposure channel such as Press Release, Billboard, Print Media or by KOL .

KOL Talent Development Strategy

If you want to start to build up your brand in the influencer market, whether it's Instagram, YouTube, or Douyin, we can help you to build your own personal brand management or become an influencer. Through our understanding of the market, and professional public relation, those unknown KOL will be in our broker's planning, And finally become an outstanding KOL or influencer.

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